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How am I to live as the world around me is burning?

I would like to name a deep unmet need that I am noticing to collectively grieve the violent disruptions and losses that the Earth is experiencing.

And, I’d like to hypothesize that you might be feeling something similar… a certain yearning to gather together with others in an effort to recognize, acknowledge, and honor the end of the world as we’ve known it.

Not to fan the flames of catastrophy.
Not to bypass out of this unraveling.
Not to instill a false sense of optimism.
Not even to fix or save the world.

But to practice being radically present with the truth of what is happening right now.
To witness and be witnessed by others showing up just as we are.
To build our capacity by making it safe to break open.
To reconcile the weight of what is being lost.
To form a web of mutual support and reciprocity.


I invite you to engage with the free resource I’ve created for this learning community, Living with Eco-Grief

I believe that we can face what is happening, not turn away, and allow ourselves be changed by what we witness.

I believe that we can create a more resilient window of tolerance for our systems to thrive within, toning our primal instincts through deliberate practices grounded in the Earth, in our bodies, in our reciprocal relationships.

I believe that we can accept responsibility for how we are benefitting from violent systems, to the fullest extent possible.

I believe that we can learn to divest in behaviors that perpetuate harm as we find avenues to meet our needs and desires in ways that deviate from business-as-usual.

I believe that we can practice coming together, even through all our mired conflicts and differences, to take just and sustainable action in the name of protecting our shared home.

I believe that, even when things seem unbearable, we can find ways to cultivate joy and pleasure in our lives, giving thanks for the gifts of the here and now.

I believe that we can commit to moving forward, even while not knowing exactly where the path is leading us.

And I believe we can keep showing up, recognizing that we are all just a work in motion.

“The heart that breaks open can contain the entire universe."
- Joanna Macy

Photo by Matheus Bertelli from Pexels

This is an opportunity to explore the ways we can engage somatic awareness, ecological sentience, and experiential inquiry for planetary healing.

What is covered in this webinar?

  1. What is Eco-Grief?

  2. Different types of Eco-Grief

  3. Characteristics of Eco-Grief

  4. Why do we experience Eco-Grief?

  5. The relationship between Industrial Growth Society + Eco-Grief

  6. Why we avoid our Eco-Grief + The costs of doing so

  7. Tools for how we might attend to our Eco-Grief

  8. An Eco-Somatic Exercise of "Deep Self Internal Resourcing"


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