Rachael is a catalyst, a changemaker, a woman who challenges me to listen to my truth and love my human imperfections as nuggets of beauty themselves. Her writing, programs, and facilitating is otherworldly, courageous, yet supportive, as she dances between guiding me to embrace my authenticity while self-reflecting on the paradoxes of my existence. She is a gifted light worker.
— Marcella Castellano
Wellness Coach

Witnessing Rachael in her work has been a pure delight. A well of wisdom, I could listen to her speak for hours — and not just because she is wise beyond her years, but because Rachael is one of those people that when she speaks, I listen attentively. Her voice soothes my spirit and speaks volumes beyond the words or message she’s conveying. With so much depth, integrity, and clear presence, Rachael arrives with her sword of truth and pierces right to the heart of the matter, as she so fully commits to embracing the entire spectrum of the human experience — the dark and the light — which is one of the most important things I seek in anyone I work with, whether it’s a mentor, someone I’m collaborating with creatively, or even just as a dear friend. Rachael is all of these things to me, and I can’t wait to see how her impact continues to ripple out into the world.
— Alexandra Schueler

Life is a phenomenal journey, a tapestry threaded with transformative experiences and inspiring connections. When my path wove together with Rachael’s I was touched, moved and inspired. Her energy, creativity and offerings invited me to explore the spectrum of my own wildness and the wise and mysterious ways the Divine She shines through me. Rachael’s soft and solid presence is a gorgeous reflection of fierce commitment and love in action. She reminds me of the wild soul truths that live within us all, longing to be called forward. She stands so beautifully in her truth, in her art, in her commitment to her own calling that you can’t help but feel the raw wild truth of your own soul speaking in your life as well. Rachael is a modern-day medicine woman bringing the wisdom of the elements forward to guide our personal evolution and collective revolution of feminine awakening. I am so honored to walk this path with this beautiful woman as sister, colleague, student and friend.
— Tulasi Adeva
Somatic Therapist

Working with Rachael was by far, one of the best investments I have ever made in myself. During our work together, I found my true calling. It was like I just stumbled upon it. One day I just woke up and could hear my soul speak. That’s the power of Rachael. She’s so in tune, so deeply connected to her wild spirit that I knew working with her would change my life. She brought me to my wild side, my intuition got stronger, my heart healed deeper, and the love and acceptance of myself during one of the most challenging times in my life grew with gentle compassion. I’ll always be figuring it out as I go, but Rachael helped me own those lost parts of myself that I didn’t know I needed in order to really be whole again. I highly recommend her work to anyone who wants to know who they truly are.
— Stacy Hamm
Stylist and Coach

How do I put into words the deep gratitude of being held? I drew strength from Rachael through her Instagram page long before joining her online coaching program—from seeing the way she showed up in the world. Vulnerability. Authenticity. Strength. Humility. Radiance. Humor and tears. Structure and spontaneity. Teaching and listening. Questions as invitations. The space we shared as having a life of its own. And most of all, for me, Permission. That it’s okay to show up the world that way. More than that, it’s brave. I am no longer ashamed to be ‘still working things out.’ It is a path, an honor, a privilege, and I am proud to walk it along with other women, a testimony to aliveness in a world worth paying attention to.
— Mashael Fahrko
Writer and Community Builder

Rachael is a skilled facilitator who will not waste your time. If you are ready to dig deep and do the work, your time with her will be very productive. It isn’t often that a facilitator can exude deep compassion while, at the very same time, hold you accountable to look directly into the eyes of your truth. Rachael is a strong leader who will unflinchingly guide you in the exploration of your whole self, all the time reminding you of how capable you are. I very much enjoyed the materials, insights, discussions and shared community of the group I participated in and recommend her offerings highly.
— Maureen Whitman
Birth worker

I stumbled upon Rachael a couple of years ago and from our first conversation she was so genuine, heart-felt, and open... The more I dove into concepts Rachael spoke on, I began to find healing. She was always there for me, offering just enough but letting me find my own answers. She held space so safely and openly. Now, I can hold space for myself and others in a loving way. In my own work with clients of various types and relationships in life I continually pass on the medicine I first learned from her. I’ve learned how to create space for others in a way that allows them to be seen in the way in which she did for me. I’ll always be Rachael’s number-one fan and supporter. Forever grateful and in love with her heart, soul, and work in this human life.
— Jena Talmadge
Spiritual Coach and Healer

Working with Rachael... all I can think of to say first is that if you feel called to work with her, do it. She masterfully stands strong and articulates her perspective and values while also holding space for others to discover theirs, no matter how different they may be. She supports and reminds each person of their sovereignty while also creating and crafting beautiful connections within community. I’ve had the pleasure of attending one of her retreats, working with her privately, and also being a part of her online mentorship circle. They have all been incredible experiences that I deeply cherish. She understands how to be fully present in whatever may come up, and she has the intuitive insight and resilience to explore the nuisances of the human psyche and experience. She can artfully handle difficult and complex topics with honesty and grace. It’s been wonderful to get to know her as a practitioner and a friend. I can assure you that any time with her is time well spent, and it will shape your understanding of yourself and the world in an incredible way. She cares deeply about others and the work she facilitates, and it’s evident in all that she does. I’m grateful to know her and work with her, and would happily recommend her to anyone who feels the soul-level nudge to embark on a journey with her.
— Megan Lorelle
Coach and Retreat Facilitator

Rachael has a way of reawakening the wild nature of our souls and reconnecting us with what is really important in a way that is ever so simple yet strikingly powerful. I have had the opportunity to work with her during private sessions and have been attending her in-person wild women circles on a regular basis for the past two years. I can’t tell you how many “ah-ha” moments I have had—in particular when, thanks to her, I realized that in order to love myself I needed to accept the darkness in me as well and to appreciate the nature of our human condition The realization of these life altering truths have impacted my life for the better. I am forever grateful for our paths to have crossed and to also count Rachael as a friend in my life. If you feel that your inner she-wolf needs to be unleashed, she is definitely the one to turn to.
— Tamara Pelège
Executive Assistant and Translator

Working with Rachael was organic and comfortable, which is exactly what you want in a space dedicated to subject matter that can overwhelm and hit you at your core. There is an ease about Rachael that allows people at varying levels of awareness and familiarity with a given topic to express themselves authentically and without reservation. I joined the group she facilitated several months later than many of the other women and partially expected to feel like an outsider—but that did not happen. I was quickly welcomed and taken into the fold as if I had been with the group since its inception. The group was so comfortable that I invited a friend to join, as I found the group under Rachael’s leadership to be a place for women to take pause and share reflections on womanhood in a safe space. Like all good teachers, Rachael does not give the answers. She does not even proclaim to know all of the answers, which is refreshing. What Rachael does is facilitate discussions around possible answers which allow members to share their conjectures and experiences without feeling stupid or wrong. Through my time working with Rachael, I was able to look at myself and my natural cycles differently and respect what it is that makes me uniquely a woman—without making men inferior. This is really important to me and I appreciate the positivity of the group under Rachael’s leadership.
— Jamie Jones

Rachael is the most amazing and gifted teacher, guide, and facilitator, which is very rare to find online these days and I don’t say this lightly... I learned more in the first month with Rachael than I had in some online classes in a year! I was fed up of the ‘sugar coated’ positivity in many of the online communities whose teachers are afraid to look at life from a real sense of depth. I wanted more and Rachael did not disappoint. Many self help/spiritual programmes keep their participant’s wheels spinning—which can be damaging, exhausting, and brings about no real transformation. Unfortunately many teachers/guides online these days are giving advice which is damaging. Rachael does not give advice, but drives transformation through her powerful questions that will bring you to a place of deep inquiry. This is a sign of a gifted facilitator/teacher. Being guided and taught by Rachael has made me even more instinctual. I trust myself more now. I don’t second guess my reality... Rachael treated all the women in my group with fairness, non-judgement, and compassion, and she always respected their sovereignty. Being able to find a person like Rachael online is rare. I cannot wait for Rachael’s next offering and I would say to anyone hesitating to work with Rachael not to, you won’t be disappointed.
— Margaret Young

“Rachael provides a safe, respectful container for individuals to journey through various archetypal references and understand how it relates to our modern lives and how it can be utilized for self-growth and re-connection. I resonate with her method of delivery: fun, playful, real, relatable, witty, and impactful. Her knowledge is a broad, lived embodied wisdom with ample references to mentors she has studied under or with. I highly recommend her programs, podcasts, and retreats for those hungry to nourish their deprived primal selves. You wild woman self will not be disappointed.
— Kathia Roberts
Naturopathic Doctor