TWENTY FIVE feat. Lydia Violet Harutoonian


About Lydia...

Lydia Violet Harutoonian began her journey with the fiddle at age 3 when her father took her to their local instrument shop in Pasadena, California and asked her to pick her favorite instrument. From that moment on, Lydia entered into a profound love affair with the timbre and scope of the violin. At age 24 she ventured out from her classical roots and discovered her natural skill for improvisation as well as her unique sound stemming from her Persian heritage and love of music that spans many genres. A musical chameleon, Lydia is able to jump in with a wide range of artists including most recently producers in transformational festival communities. Lydia's debut album, "Already Free,” is a 12-song exploration of music that is inspired by protest traditions, a profound care for community and the Earth, blues, and international folk music. She has collaborated in the last year with Rising Appalachia, Climbing Poetree, and MaMuse, Ayla Nereo.

Lydia is eternally grateful for the people and communities she meets as she weaves together her passions for social justice, environmental justice, and music. In addition to her craft she offers workshops entitled, "Music As Medicine in Our Planet-Time." These workshops stem from her eight-year study with  scholar of deep ecology and Buddhism Joanna Macy, who explores how to foster greater internal resiliency and strength in the face of a world in crisis.  The workshops can be adapted in length, and have ranged from 2-hours presentations to 3-day retreats. Lydia first conducted these retreats in collaboration with internationally recognized permaculture teacher Penny Livingston at the Regenerative Design Institute in Bolinas, California. They have also been offered in collaboration with artists such as Rising Appalachia, Ma Muse, and Ayla Nereo. This work offers inner tools for the cultivation of courage, resiliency and taking heart in our current planetary moment.  


In this episode...

↠ Music as medicine
↠ Reconnecting with the music of our ancestors
↠ Cultural genocide and singing over the bones
↠ Resiliency and The Work that Reconnects
↠ The balance of self-doubt, confidence, and critical thinking
↠ Boddhicitta, compassion, and the impulse to attend to the pain of the world
↠ Uncertainty, the power of choice, and the resource of our imaginations
↠ Finding strength through the ecosystem of our communities


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Kitka Women's Vocal Ensemble
Singer Mahsa Vahdat
Envision Festival
Penny Livingston-Stark
Joanna Macy's The Work that Reconnects


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Instagram: @lydiavioletmusic


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