TWENTY SIX ft. Andréa Ranae Johnson

Andrea Ranae Johnson

About Andréa...

Andréa Ranae Johnson is a vision-led facilitator and coach who believes that together, we rise. She is deeply committed to doing her part in cultivating a world that works for everyone and does so by placing her work at the intersections of personal growth, social justice and conscious business.

As the creator of Coaching as Activism, she supports people doing transformative work to deepen their impact by taking a critical look at how their work and lives are connected to social change. As the co-founder of Whole / Self Liberation, she offers and uplifts practical tools, resources and wisdom for those who want to make change happen in their lives and communities. As a coach and consultant, she works with entrepreneurs, businesses and organizations that want to be more inclusive and impactful do so through their approach to leadership, their marketing and their company culture. She's a huge fan of #blackgirlmagic, sunsets and veggie burritos.


In this episode...

↠ Finding sanctuary and cultivating resilience through the Earth body and the physical body
↠ Freedom and justice as a felt somatic experience
↠ Cultivating self-acceptance for the parts of ourselves that shape shift, domesticate, and diminish our wildness in order to survive
↠ Healing trauma by making space for complexity
↠ Distinguishing between violence and destruction
↠ Creative messiness, living in the questions, and letting go of consistency
↠ The illusion of being "self-made" and finding support from the more-than-human world
↠ Riding the shifting tides of relating and belonging
↠ Shifting the aperture of our self-concept when feeling disconnected


Tune In



“Please Prepare Me” by Hymns of Spirit
The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma by Bessel van der Kolk, M.D.
Why the Self-Help Industry isn't Changing the World, Blog Post by Andréa
Guerrilla Ontology: On Destruction, Violence and Direct Action, Article by Julian Langer
Letters to a Young Poet by Ranier Marie Rilke


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Instagram:  @andrearanaej


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