TWENTY FOUR ft. Abigail Rose Clarke


About Abigail...

Abigail Rose Clarke is a somatic educator focusing on anti-oppression education and strategic methods to create lasting change, rippling out from individual to systemic levels. By helping people truly inhabit their own skin and blood and guts and bones she offers a way to re-enter into true relationship with the world. 

As the developer of the Embodied Life Method Abigail teaches radical embodiment as a practice and a responsibility. As the world shakes and burns and floods, as white supremacy takes its death gasps, we are tasked with the enormous responsibility of remaining present to the world as it is, which requires we remain present to ourselves as we are. From here, there way forward becomes possible. 

Her work is enormously influenced by her study and practice of Embodyoga®, of which she is a senior teacher, as well as her background as a trained scientist. 


In this episode

↠ Failure, shame, and the fallacious quest to being a “good person"
↠ Curiosity and the lost skill of critical thinking
↠ Internalized oppression and the vagus nerve
↠ The festering wound of the kyriarchy
↠ Intolerable behaviors and mythological demons
↠ Anatomy as philosophy
↠ Somatics, pain, and privilege
↠ The limits to our empathy
↠ "Good" intentionality and the Savior complex


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Instagram: @___abigail.rose


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