Welcome. I’m honored that you’re here.

My name is Rachael Alaia.

And I am a
Writer. Artist. Mother. Facilitator. Healer.
Land Steward. Environmental Educator.
Interdisciplinary Scholar. Eco-Somatic Guide.

Rachael Alaia photo by Cadencia Photography


“The land knows you, even when you are lost.”
- Robin Wall Kimmerer

Authentic joy and deep fulfillment can co-exist alongside grief, pain & heartbreak.

Wild nature is inherently regenerative—from the broader macrocosmos we exist within to the microcosmic wisdom contained within each one of us.

Healing can arise when we are offered a supportive witness who allows us to feel what we feel and know what we know.

Liberation is not a solo endeavor and our capacity for wellness is always mutually intertwined within the web of all our relations.


  • Engage in practices of somatic awareness, ecological sentience, and experiential inquiry for personal and planetary healing.

  • Honor the joys, metabolize the losses, and craft beauty in the skin your in.

  • Tend your reciprocal connections and relationships—with your body, your closest of kin, your communities, the land, and the more-than-human world.

  • Divest from patterns of harm, dig out where they’ve taken root, and repair where hurt has been done.

  • Reimagine an alternative narrative that exists beyond the dysfunctions of business-as-usual.

  • Drop into a sense of agency, responsiveness, and resilience in the face of an uncertain and precarious future.

  • Exist with the profound complexities inherent in being human right now on planet Earth.

  • Determine how you're going to walk alongside others with dignity during difficult times.

cadencia photography

Current and past projects of mine include

  • Writing, Public Speaking, and Embodied storytelling

  • Program and workshop facilitation for groups, trainings, and retreats

  • Online group containers and Virtual platforms of discourse and sharing story

  • Private council space, intuitive coaching, and working mentorships for groups and individuals

  • Educational resource development and space curation for group and self-guided learning